As far as tourism is concerned, Kanhangad has a lot to offer. There is no dearth to the many ways in which tourists will be fascinated by this place.

Bekal Fort

This fort is the best preserved fort and by far the largest in Kerala. It is definitely worth taking a look at, as it stands majestically over headlands of 35 acres that reach up to the Arabian Sea.


This is a really excellent backwater stretch, and is said to be the most scenic stretch in the whole of Kerala. It is just 30 kilometres from Bekal and is fast becoming a preferred backwater resort. There are four rivers that feed this place and a number of islands dot the landscape. It is no wonder, then, that it being preferred by many, and there are a number of great boat cruises being offered and publicized.

Ranipuram Valley

This valley gives one the perfect experience if one wishes to get the benefits of natural beauty all rolled into one. It is also referred to as “Kerala Ooty” as it is situated amidst forests and hills. This valley’s climate is similar to that of Ooty and is a great spot for anyone who likes to observe nature. Visiting this valley is easy as there is quite a lot of transportation available from Kanhangad and is just 15 kilometres away from Bekal.

Chandragiri Cruises

A visitor to this place can enjoy great boat trips to the palm groves and nearby islands. After boarding at the Chandragiri bridge, the cruise is really excellent and is an experience that should never be missed.


This is a town that is quite famous, primarily due to the fort built in the 17th century by Shivappa Naik of Bedanore. It is located to the east of Kasaragod town and on the Chandragiri river. This fort is a chain of forts that the ruler Shivappa Naik built. A visit to the fort will afford one an aew-inspiring view of the Arabian Sea, as well as a perfect spot to watch the sunset.