The Future

The future for the Bekal club is very bright with exciting and new ideas in the pipeline. There will never be any end to the advantages that we stand to offer you, and you can be sure that the best will always be upheld here. The future plan is vast, and some things that you can look forward to are elaborated here. Taking a look at the future will also give you an idea of how bright the present is, and how well the present blends into the future. 1. Club Promotion: All effort is being put in to improve the image of the club and increase public awareness. There are high quality services provided here in terms of recreation and tourism related activities. The public needs to know what they can enjoy. 2. Clubhouse Acquisition: A base definitely needs to be there for easy access for all members and others. Therefore a home base or club house is needed and this will be added shortly. 3. Coaching: Athletic activities that are part of recreation involve extensive coaching, and this will be incorporated. 4. Strategic Alliances Externally: The best enhancement of the Bekal club would be to get strategic external alliances that work along with our mission. 5. Involvement of Schools: This club house is open even for schools and education institutions. A wider range of people will be able to get access to the athletic and recreational options that are open to members. 6. Improving Tourism: There is a lot to see in the vicinity and the Bekal club would be a perfect base for anyone who would like to relax and tour the surrounding region. 7. Community Involvement: Community involvement will lead to better social ties in the region as programs and services are blended in with the club. 8. Increasing Revenue Base: For the club to meet all these objectives in the future, the revenue base should be increased and broadened, and this will be undertaken by means of extensive promotion.