Art and Culture are not alien concepts to Kanhangad and more especially, Bekal. A visit here will yield rich results in terms of all forms of art and culture. Swami Nityananda formed the Nityanandasramam which is just half a kilometre south of the Hosdurg Taluk Office. The place where this is constructed was initially part of a forest. The construction of the asramam involved the construction of 45 caves, or guhas, along the mountain slope. A visit here will also show you a temple styled after the world renowned Somanatha Temple of Gujarat. This, however, was designed after the Gujarat temple in 1963. One of the key attractions of the asramam is the life size statue of Swami Nityananda in a sitting position. Many people flock to see this statue is made of panchaloha.

Another attraction related to the arts and culture of this place is the oldest church in the district – the Our Lady of Sorrows Church – that was constructed in the year 1890. This church lies to the north of Kasargod, at a distance of about 15 kilometres. Not very long back, the centenary of the church was celebrated by the Mangalore Diocese. This Gothic style church is purely Roman Catholic and has been standing proud for all to see. Recent renovations have added to its charms.

The birth place of P. Kunhiraman Nair, poet, Rasika Siromani Kanan Nair, playwright, and Vidwan P. Kelu, veteran freedom fighter, also lies in this district, in the village of Ajanoor. This has therefore become a cultural centre of the district.

If you travel towards the headquarters of the Hosdurg Taluk, around 5 kilometres from Kanhangad, you will reach the Ajanur panchayat that is home to the renowned Madiyan Kulom temple. This temple houses some deities such as Bhagavathi, Bhairavan and Kshetrapalan, with the main diety being Bhadrakali. What makes this temple stand out is the way in which poojas are performed. Poojas at noon are performed by a Brahmin priest, while the ones in the morning and evening are done by the Maniyan sect. As far as temple festivals are concerned, these fall during the months of Dhanu (December and January) and Edavam (May and June). There are a number of poojas that are carried out at this time, for the festival.

In the year 1939, Swami Ramadas founded the Anandashramam. This great Vaishnava saint of more recent times, founded this ashramam that is situated just five kilometres to the east of the Kanhagad railway station. The entire place is situated in peaceful and beautiful settings and the buildings look beautiful standing amidst coconut and mango groves. Towards the west of the ashramam lies a hill that is perfect for quiet and peaceful meditation, and here is where many devotees retire. There is a great view from this spot, revealing the area in all its natural grandeur as one takes a look at the surrounding extensive landscape. On reaching the highest part of the hill, there is such a wonderful view along with such tranquillity, that the devotees who go there and sit in silence, truly enjoy peace.